ANOUSHEH KEHAR is an architectural designer and researcher who is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Vienna University of Technology  (TU Wien). She is a researcher and coordinator for the FWF project Curatorial Design: A place between.

DEJAN MARKOVIĆ is visual artist, researcher, and lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary Art (IZK), Graz University of Technology. He is the project coordinator and the research associate for the FWF project “Curatorial Design: A place between.” By means of installation and discursive work, he questions and casts light on artistic, social, and political relations, bringing together different media, formats, and working methods.

DR ANNA SCHÄFFLER is an art historian and curator with a research focus on the theory and practice of the preservation of art and cultural assets. In 2021, her book “Die Kunst der Erhaltung / The Art of Preservation” on the current shift in contemporary art conservation and the growing importance of artists´ estates will be published. In addition to her academic work, she advises private and public institutions on the long-term preservation of their collections.

DR. CHRISTIAN RAABE is the Professor of Historic preservation at RWTH Aachen, an architect, and founding partner at Abri + Raabe Architekten. He is the author of the project and the book “Eine Ecke der Bauakademie: Zur Rekonstruktion der ‘Allgemeinen Bauschule’ Karl Friedrich Schinkels” (2011), and a restoration expert with a focus on Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

DR. CHRISTIANE SALGE is the Professor of Architectural and Art History at the Department of Architecture at the Technical University in Darmstadt, an art historian. In her book, which has recently been published, she discusses the subject “Baukunst und Wissenschaft. Architektenausbildung an der Berliner Bauakademie um 1800” (Berlin 2021).

DR. DUBRAVKA SEKULIĆ is an architect, theorist, senior tutor at the School of Architecture, Royal College of Art, with a PhD from the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture, ETH Zurich. Her research explores transformations of contemporary cities, at the nexus between the production of space, laws, and economy. She is engaged as a researcher for the FWF project “Curatorial Design: A place between” and as a co-editor of the relational digital publication Total Reconstruction. Re-enacting the Design of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Bauakademie.

DR. GILI MERIN is a part of the team of the FWF project Curatorial Design: A place between. Formerly the head of History and Theory of architecture at the Royal College of Arts (RCA) and a Diploma Unit Master at the Architectural Association (AA), Gili is currently a Post-doc fellow at the TU in Vienna. She studied architecture in Jerusalem, Tokyo and Berlin and holds a PhD from the Architectural Association (supervised by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria S. Giudici).

DR. LAILA SEEWANG is assistant professor in the School of Architecture at Portland State University. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative. She is a registered architect and an architectural historian and theorist whose research uses infrastructure as a lens through which to study environmental and urban design, in particular during the nineteenth century. She is the co-editor of a special double issue of Architectural Theory Review, Timber Constructed: Towards an Alternative Material History (2021) and has also written about German architectural historiography, public toilets in Berlin, and rapid sand filters in central Massachusetts.

DR. MARTINA ABRI is a Professor of Historic Preservation at the FH Potsdam, and an architect and founding partner at Abri + Raabe Architekten. As a restoration expert with a focus on Karl Friedrich Schinkel, she led the restoration projects for the Friedrichswerdersche Kirche and Schloss Tegel in Berlin.

ELISE HUNCHUCK is an independent researcher, designer, editor, and copyeditor with degrees in landscape architecture, philosophy, and geography whose work focuses on bringing together fieldwork and design through collaborative practices of observation, care, and coordination.

ORTRUN BARGHOLZ is an architectural theorist working at the intersections of architecture, theory, documentary film and media art. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the DFG Research Training Group “Identity and Heritage”, TU Berlin, working on the structural implications of contemporary historicised buildings. For the FWF project “Curatorial Design: A place between.” she conducted archival research on the Bauakademie. She is a founding member of the Centre for Documentary Architecture e.V. and the Förderverein Palast der Republik e.V.

REBEKKA KIESEWETTER is about to finish her PhD at the Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Coventry University. She is a researcher on the Coventry University based COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) research project, an editorial board member of continent., and a co-editor of the relational digital publication Total Reconstruction. Re-enacting the Design of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Bauakademie.

RIKE FRANK is a curator, theorist, writer, and lecturer at the Art Academy Trondheim, she has previously been the Associate Professor of Exhibition Studies at the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO). She is also a guest researcher for the FWF project “Curatorial Design: A place between,” with expertise in “curatorial.”

STUART SMITH is a structural engineer and Director at Arup Group. He has broad experience including work on high profile building and infrastructure projects as well as on urban design master plans across the world. He is experienced in both traditional and specialist projects working with a variety of materials with specialist knowledge of concrete structures and sustainability.

THOMAS AUER is a Professor of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design at the Technical University of Munich, a climate engineer, and managing director of Transsolar Energietechnik. The aim of his work is to optimize energy performance and environmental quality while taking into consideration local specifics and the influence of building form and material.

WILFRIED KUEHN is a professor and the head of the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design, at the Technical University Vienna, and the project leader of the FWF project “Curatorial Design: A place between.” He is an architect, curator, and founding partner at Kuehn Malvezzi Berlin. He was previously a professor for Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice at the Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design where he founded Displayer, a periodical focusing on curatorial design. With KuehnMalvezzi he earned a reputation working with public space, museum architecture, and exhibition design.